• How to buy NFT?

My NFTs will be published on the OpenSea platform. In order to purchase the NFT you are interested in, I recommend following my profile on this platform.

  • Do I need a cryptocurrency wallet ?

To buy my NFT you need a cryptocurrency wallet.
If you already have a digital wallet with a dedicated account for NFT tokens, you can of course use it to send the purchased token.

  • Where can I download a digital wallet ?

A list of digital wallet applications that support the Polygon network is available at: https://polygon.technology/ecosystem/.

We recommend the MetaMask wallet, which is one of the most popular applications of this type, available at: https://metamask.io/download/.

  • Where can I buy MATIC currency ?

MATIC is a cryptocurrency hosted on the Polygon network that can be purchased on many available cryptocurrency exchange platforms.

A full list of platforms that support the purchase and exchange of MATIC currency can be found at: https://polygon.technology/matic-token/.

  • What is the Polygon network ?

According to the definition: Polygon is a “layer two” or so-called scaling solution. a “sidechain” that works alongside the main Ethereum network, allowing for faster transactions and lower transaction fees.

The native cryptocurrency of the Polygon network is MATIC, which is used for transaction fees and the purchase of digital tokens. You can buy or sell MATIC through many available cryptocurrency exchanges, such as Binance or Coinbase.

In addition to the scalable architecture based on the proof-of-stake (PoS) transaction confirmation mechanism, the Polygon network offers decentralized security at the level of the Ethereum mainnet, also providing the ability to create decentralized applications compatible with this network.

  • How to add Polygon Network to MetaMask Wallet ?

Step 1: Open MetaMask Network Settings

Navigate to the Settings tab in MetaMask.

Next, navigate to the Networks tab on the Settings page.

Step 2: Add the Polygon Network Details

Click the Add a network button on the network settings page.

And select Polygon Mainnet

Step 3: Save the Settings

Click the Approve button at the bottom of the screen to add the Polygon network to MetaMask.