Welcome to my website!

I’m pietra26 and I’m a young artist who got interested in NFT. When I heard I have an opportunity to make my own tokens I started thinking about creating one.

At first, it wasn’t easy to figure out what I wanted to draw, but within two days I made a banana. It was it, the banana from the Definitely Not A Banana collection.

Then I started adding more different types of accessories. Every single detail takes a lot of time and work, but in the end it pays off with a beautiful new kind of a banana.

On this website I will post my latest artworks with a short description of them.

I hope you’ll like it, enjoy

Why I chose Polygon ?

Polygon is the most widely used alternative blockchain for crypto users looking to transact fast with small gas fees. The layer-2 protocol built on Ethereum virtual machine has attracted millions of active users and has surpassed Ethereum in the number of active addresses. The network records more than $800M in daily volumes and is now being touted as a potential Ethereum flipper.